GuardTech Plus product review

GuardTech Plus sent me a couple of their products for review, their Universal Gun Cleaning Kit and .223/5.56 Gun Cleaning Kit.

The Universal Gun Cleaning Kit come with an extensive assortment of tips, jags, mops, bristles and brushes which work with the included brass rods, all in a hard plastic carrying case. Also included is a .35 caliber pull string. It has everything you need to clean guns from .17 to .50 in a nice, neat package. It even comes with several picks to work out crud that accumulates where the other tools won’t reach.

As the name implies the .223/5.56 Gun Cleaning Kit is meant for .22 caliber firearms with up to a 30” barrel. It comes with an appropriate rod, tip, jap, mop, brush and a pull string all in a smaller plastic case.

While I personally prefer using pull strings, the brass rods will get the job done. All in all, GuardTech Plus is selling quality products at a decent price.