Pressuring credit card companies

The latest attack by the antis is to pressure credit card companies to create a special code for gun stores to use when processing transactions. They claim it will allow law enforcement to identify suspicious transactions. What it really is another attempt to get the banking industry to stop doing business with the firearms industry.

On Monday NYC Comptroller Brad Lander, trustees of the NYC Retirement Systems, other elected officials and gun control advocates will put on a dog and pony show at 2:00pm on the steps of City Hall calling for credit card companies to fully implement this scheme.

2 thoughts on “Pressuring credit card companies

  1. Call your credit card company this weekend and tell them NO. Tell them you will end all purchases of your firearms related purchases if they agree to this. This will absolutely be misused and abused and law-abiding citizens will be flagged as SUS by the tyrants pushing for this. Number is right on the back of your card. It literally took me 90seconds to call them and tell them I wanted my opinion noted.

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