Dick is delusional

Richard Aborn, the former head of Handgun Control, Inc., has always had a tenuous grasp on reality and even that thread is slipping away:

“The Supreme Court is on the verge of ruling on a case that could overturn New York state’s gun carry law … “The NYPD has always been quite careful about who they give permission to to carry guns and that has really kept the number of people carrying guns, lawfully, way down,” said Richard Aborn of the Citizens Crime Commission … But with the Supreme Court poised to overturn New York’s strict gun carry laws, the big worry is the people who have been issued permits to have guns in their homes … Conceivably, they could be turned into concealed carry permits because of the Supreme Court decision … Aborn says another concern is whether relaxed permit rules will spark a demand for new permits from people who now don’t own a weapon.

Not only is that going to happen, it’s who those new gun owners will likely be: Working-class blacks and browns in run down neighborhoods in the Bronx and Brooklyn.  That’s why politicos from the City are shitting themselves.  They do not want that.

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