The spirit of Tammany

Eric Adams appears to be keeping the Tammany spirit alive and well in his new administration:

“A member of Eric Adams’ transition team approached the commanding officer of the NYPD gun licensing division in December to ask about obtaining gun permits for civilians who would potentially be assigned to protect City Hall. The head of the NYPD License Division, according to four sources briefed on the conversation, was troubled by the pitch, made by Tim Pearson, a retired NYPD inspector serving on the Adams transition team … Police sources said another reason the request was irksome: The NYPD License Division was previously embroiled in a corruption investigation where two businessmen were arrested and later convicted for trying to bribe Mayor Bill de Blasio and numerous NYPD officials. Questions raised in the case included whether special treatment existed in the awarding of gun permits …”

This on top of Adams’ putting his brother on the payroll. Boss Tweed would be proud.

Of course there’s more:

“… The mayor’s office also confirmed that during that December meeting at One Police Plaza, Tim Pearson inquired about getting a gun permit for himself. He was told he had to apply through his home county of Nassau …”

He’d still need approval by the NYPD to let him carry inside the City with a license issued in Nassau. As Adams tried getting CCWs for his district staff when he was in the State Senate I have no doubt he’d make a phone call on behalf of his buddy Tim.