More gun control coming in ’22

WAMC interviewed Assemblywoman Pat Fahy and she says what I already knew: more gun control is coming in Albany next year:

“With the new legislative session days away in Albany, we’re speaking with members of the Senate and Assembly about their expectations for 2022. It will be Governor Kathy Hochul’s first budget process, and it comes just ahead of an election. Capital Region state Assemblywoman Pat Fahy is a Democrat from the 109th district, who chairs the Banking CommitteeI’ve carried major gun legislation, and we are going to continue to do more …”

The two big issues I believe will come up are microstamping, bills A-7926/S-4116 and A-8131/S-7456, and banning lead hunting ammo A-5728/S-5058 which the Fudds won’t call BS on.

One thought on “More gun control coming in ’22

  1. Hey! Remember this, fellas, always vote Huck Fochul! Because you can’t go wrong, when you vote that way! Do it!

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