Primary results

I have said many times before and I will say again, 2A activists need to be involved in Democrat party politics especially in the primaries where turnout is low as that is the only way to knock many incumbents out of office.

The latest examples from Albany:

“… In 2013, when incumbent Albany Mayor Sheehan was first running for the job against Councilman Corey Ellis, more than 10,000 Democrats cast votes in the race. At the moment, just over 6,000 votes were cast in her primary eight years later with Faust, according to the unofficial results. More than 200 Democratic voters — more than 3% of the vote — chose a write-in candidate. Turnout can be difficult to gauge given voters in New York may retain the muscle memory of casting primary ballots in September — this is the first off-cycle primary to be held in June. But given the overwhelming Democratic enrollment in most cities, both upstate and in New York, a handful of voters relative to the overall population can determine the future course of a community …”

And Rochester:

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren, who ran for a third term while under indictment in a campaign finance case and under fire for her handling of a police killing, has been defeated in the Democratic primary by City Councilman Malik Evans …”


“Hours after the polls closed Tuesday evening in New York City’s primary elections, incomplete results for the District 5 City Council race on the Upper East Side showed Julie Menin holding a 10-point lead. By 11:30 p.m., Menin, the former census director and city commissioner, led the early results with 33.9 percent of the vote, trailed by Tricia Shimamura at 23.7 percent, Rebecca Lamorte at 11.7 percent and Kim Moscaritolo at 11.2 percent …”

Moscaritolo is the former Legislative Committee Chair for New Yorkers Against Gun Violence.

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