Liability bill coming

I have been warning for the last couple of years that gun control advocates in Albany were looking for a way to get around the PLCCA and attack gun manufactures directly, and that this attack would come after the “ghost guns” business is settled.

Politico reports:

“New York lawmakers are mounting an effort to open gun manufacturers and distributors up to civil liability suits. “It would be the first bill of its kind in the country, and would be incredibly important to reestablish norms of gun industry accountability,” said David Pucino, an attorney at the Giffords Law CenterState Sen. Zellnor Myrie (D-Brooklyn) has authored a bill that he believes is permissible under the federal law which would significantly extend the state’s ability to challenge manufacturers whose products are used illegally … Myrie’s bill would categorize the misuse of guns as a nuisance … New York lawmakers will now try to be the first to actually enact it into law by passing it before session ends on June 10 …”

The bill in question is A-6762A/S-1048A.

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