Start of session

The 2021-22 legislative session in Albany has begun. Normally this starts with the Governor giving his State of the State Address, but because the state has a deep fiscal hole Cuomo has put it off until Monday the 11th with the hope for a bailout from the feds.

I have seen no indication that Cuomo will include a call for more gun control in the SoS. That does not mean, however, the legislature will not send him more legislation to sign. At a minimum, I expect multiple “ghost guns” crap bills to pass including S-13, S-14 and maybe A-483.  Do not expect any noticeable opposition from either NRA & company or the GOP caucuses on this issue.

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One thought on “Start of session

  1. Andrew Cuomo, despite being born in the governor’s mansion, with a silver spoon in his mouth, has always pleaded poverty with regard to the finances of the state of New York. This year is no different, though likely much worse.
    Silly Andrew has already changed horses in midstream, very suddenly, by switching from vaccines being distributed by county health departments who had trained for years to do, to suddenly having the vaccines go to urban hospitals, who have failed to adequately distribute the vaccine. Andy’s response? Severe financial penalties to the hospitals for failing to fulfill his will.
    Why? Andrew was trying to curry favor with PoCs for getting the vaccine to them, while he was complaining that President Trump was failing to deliver the vaccine to PoCs.
    Andy has once again stuck his ignorant thug fingers into politics, and has, yet again, screwed up, but that is normal for the ignorant thug that he is. Happens all the time with him. Haven’t you noticed?

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