Timber Vaults’ concealment shelves

Timber Vaults sent me one of their concealment shelves for review.  With guns sales booming I thought this was timely move on their part.

What it is a modern looking shelf with a hidden compartment for one or more firearms. It is free floating with no brackets holding it up. It attaches to the wall though a metal bar which gets screwed to the wall. The shelf goes over this bar.

Here is a picture of this assembly:

The company makes three sizes: small, medium and large. They sent me a small one meant for handguns. Here is what a PPK looks like for comparison:

Their medium and large units look big enough for a short-barreled gat like the Shockwave and possibly some extras. It has an RFID lock and comes with a key fob and battery backup. All necessary hardware, except 4 AAA batteries, are included.  You need a screw driver, stud finder and possibly a level to mount it.

My observations:

  • It is solidly built from the wood, to the piston arm, to the wall bracket. It doesn’t feel at all flimsy.
  • It is attractive. It has a matte finish of some sort on the wood. It’s not a stain and doesn’t look like paint.
  • It absolutely needs at least one screw into a wall stud. I would stress this more in the instructions.
  • From a few feet away it does look like a regular shelf. If you look closer you can see the little plug hole on top for the battery backup which is a giveaway, but that can be hidden by putting some chachkies on it.
  • The RFID provides a reasonable level of security from children and guests. It is definitely not a gun safe and does not pretend to be.
  • It’s styling isn’t for everyone.  If you like modern decor it will blend in nicely.  Others, not so much.

All in all I think it is a quality product.