S-7763A, Enacts the “Jose Webster Untraceable Firearms Act,” has been amended and resubmitted to Rules.

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One thought on “A-7763A

  1. I have written some of these legislators and while I was polite, I laid the blame for our problems on one group:
    All of the legislators, NYC councilmembers, our Govenor, and our Mayor of NYC ( And any other democratic mayor ) enacted bail reform, emptied the jails because of COVID, hamstrung the police, enacted anti LE Bill’s, and defunded all of the LE agencies….
    What did they think was going to happen when they did this?
    Even criminals were taken aback ( although not upset ) with this decision…..We all saw, during the riots in NYC, how Cuomo and DeBlasio spent most of the time fighting with each other rather than stop the violence. Criminals have been emboldened for some time….as we saw when they were pouring water on cops…all they needed was a catalyst and it was open season…..
    Sad to say, many police are too worried to take action as they fear loss of the job that puts food on their tables….others are retiring.
    All that said, “ghost guns”, or any guns for that matter are not the issue….the issue is this: we in NY have liberal politicians who have made poor, unintelligent, uninformed decisions which are nothing more than pandering to specific groups.
    They were told these decisions were bad, they were informed of the results, which have been bad.In short, our liberal politicians, from Cuomo on down, have completely run the state, and its largest city, into the ground. It’s not safe because THEY made it unsafe.THEY screwed it up….
    It’s not guns that are the danger, it’s the NY Democrats…

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