Court rules gun store not “essential”

Spectrum News reports:

“A federal court on Wednesday upheld New York’s decision to close gun stores during the coronavirus shutdown, with the court finding the Second Amendment rights of New Yorkers were not violated as a result. The case stemmed from a legal challenge made by a Long Island-based firearms dealer, Dark Storm Industries … The gun store claimed the move violated the Second Amendment rights of New Yorkers during the pandemic. But U.S. District Court Judge Lawrence Kahn wrote in his ruling New Yorkers could still purchase firearms from other retailers and “the evidence in the record indicates that, even during the height of the lockdown, New Yorkers continued to enjoy access to numerous retailers where they could purchase firearms.” …”

Here is a link to the filings in the case of Dark Storm Industries, LLC et al v. Cuomo et al.

I expect the similar suit brought by the NRA will crash and burn as well.

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One thought on “Court rules gun store not “essential”

  1. I live in the Utica area, there were no gunshops open here. Where were the locations guns could be bought? This judge was a Democrat who ONLY changed parties to be a judge. So obviously hes a liberal.

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