Everytown endorsements

Everytown’s list of candidate endorsements is out:

Everytown for Gun Safety rolled out its first round of House endorsements on Thursday, committing to double down on their effort to protect what they have dubbed a “gun sense majority” in the lower chamber. The 58 endorsements, which were released exclusively to The Hill, marks the first round of the group’s $60 million electoral program … The group’s senior political adviser Charlie Kelly said Everytown’s priority is to defend a number of incumbents facing contested races in an effort to defend the pro-gun control majority in the House. “Time and again, this gun sense majority in the House has made it absolutely clear, and made gun safety a priority,” Kelly said. “It’s important that we keep the leadership of the chamber and that gun sense majority.” …”

Those from New York include:

The list looks to be primarily safe seats for them so while $60 million is a lot of money it does not appear to be spent very effectively.  It is not necessary to give money to Nadler & Maloney other than to protect them from primary challengers who are going after them for reasons other than their advocacy for gun control.

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