S-8028 introduced

Just because we are in the middle of a new Black Death Plague does not mean elected officials don’t have time to draft new gun control legislation.

New bill S-8028, Relates to providing parents of school children with information on the safe storage of firearms, was introduced to Education Committee by Senator Liu.

From the Justification statement:

“… Children are specifically vulnerable to the dangers of unlocked firearms. One study showed that households that lock both their firearms and ammunition have a 75% lower risk of self-inflicted firearm injuries, as well as an 85% lower risk for unintentional firearm injuries among children. This legislation will keep families updated and informed of their firearm storage responsibilities by having their child’s school provide them with information about safe storage. As a primary point of contact for children and families, schools are well positioned to disseminate this information. Wide distribution of safe storage information will help keep our children safe.”

I guarantee whatever literature the Department of Education comes up with will be cut and pasted from gun control advocacy organizations.

There is no companion bill in the Assembly yet.

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