Senate Codes Committee agenda for March 16

Senate Codes Committee agenda for Monday, March 16 @ 11:30am:

  • S-446, Establishes the “Safe Homes Act” authorizing law enforcement to remove firearms found on the premises where there has been a report of domestic violence.
  • S-7762, Enacts the “Scott J. Beigel Unfinished Receiver Act”, relates to unfinished frames or receivers; establishes the crimes of criminal sale of an unfinished frame or receiver in the first, second and third degrees as class C, D and E felonies, respectively.
  • S-7763, Enacts the “Jose Webster Untraceable Firearms Act”, criminalizes the sale of ghost guns and requires gunsmiths to register and serialize firearms, rifles, shotguns, and unfinished frames or receivers they assemble or manufacture.

UPDATE: Legislative sessions have been canceled today due to corona hysterics.

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