Lack of critical thinking

This bit of absurdity comes from the Working Families Party Man:

“… The NRA’s two-tower complex is filled with gun lobbyists, a museum and even a shooting range. But I couldn’t find one word about the thousands of Americans killed every year by guns. The receptionist told us that the NRA won’t allow him to have a gun at work, even if he wanted one. The NRA apparently thinks it’s safer with its own staff unarmed in NRA headquarters. Yet the NRA is working to force loaded guns into our own workplaces, schools, and communities. That was from an email sent by an intern at the Brady Center.”

If this were true, then why would NRA have a shooting range available to staff at HQ? Hello, McFly!

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9 thoughts on “Lack of critical thinking

  1. “But I couldn’t find one word about the thousands of Americans killed every year by guns.”
    Markie Marxist sez: “Yeah! It’s outrageous that the NRA doesn’t even acknowledge the millions and millions of words of propaganda that our Marxist/warrior/hero/journalists generate against private gun ownership every year. We need a federal law that requires the NRA to also present our Marxist totalitarian gun ban side of the story and acknowledge the terrible toll that private, law-abiding, gun ownership takes on our Marxist/warrior/hero/criminals every year. How many of our Marxist/warrior/hero/criminals will no longer be able to rip off capitalism and bring down America, this year alone, because of the NRA? We can claim that such a law is in the interest of fairness, though of course, the law won’t apply to my commie compadres at the Brady Center, who are already, uh . . . perfectly fair to our Marxist perspective. Yeah!”

  2. Odd. The numerous NRA personnel that I’ve spoken to have informed me that open and concealed carry is quite common at their office.

    So who’s telling the truth? Multiple NRA employees or a Brady Intern?

  3. It is indeed a good question. Who is telling the truth? Yes I’m against guns, I am. But when it comes to the truth I do want to know. So what is it? Is it that the NRA allows its employees to carry guns to work or not? Does anyone have a contact at the NRA?

  4. They do have a shooting range, they do have a gun museum with thousands of guns, they probably have concealed carrying staff and they may have armed security. All our intern says is that the receptionist stated that he wasn’t permitted to open (or concealed) carry a gun on his person while at work. Maybe the NRA would allow it but he’s not an NRA employee but works for a contractor?

  5. Brady’s,

    Do you realize that you have zero creditability? Why would a Brady intern need to carry a gun anywhere? Why would you hire someone who wants to carry a gun? You’ve been saying for years there’s no legitimate reason for doing that. Are you going to admit you’ve been lying all these years?

  6. I call BS on your intern story. Back it up with the name of the intern, when and where it happened, and who they talked to.

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