S-2422A amended

Bill S-2422A has been amended and resubmitted to Consumer Protection. The bill pertains to reporting requires for gun manufactures.

From the Justification Statement:

Currently there are no federal rules or laws requiring that firearms manufacturers report how many firearms they make and sell. The lack of recorded data has left discrepancies in the accuracy of the statistics available. Many companies report weapons production in one year, and then disappear from the ATF data record as if they had ceased operations, only to reappear in later years. Having a statistical understanding with regards to how many firearms are lawfully produced and lawfully sold in the state of New York will result in an increased awareness of how many firearms are entering the state every year and how many are being distributed to licensed dealers and private sellers.

“Though New York has some of the strongest gun laws in the nation, those who can’t legally purchase guns in the state based on age or criminal background often turn to the black market … Nearly 70 percent of the 8,439 firearms recovered in New York in 2013 came from out of state, according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Many of them were acquired legally in Southern states with looser gun laws and smuggled north through the I-95 corridor, known as the ‘iron pipeline.” (Albany Times Union, 7/14/15). This legislation will empower New York law enforcement to determine whether all of the firearms manufactured by a particular company are actually sold through legal channels. The danger posed to our citizens in the event that any number of such firearms are legally manufactured and not legally sold or distributed (and therefore adding to black market inventory) is painfully obvious.

Currently there is no companion in the Assembly.

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