Cuomo launches “red flag” law education program

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5 thoughts on “Cuomo launches “red flag” law education program

  1. Wow, it’s sad to see people giving up our rights so easily. Confiscation without due process. Say goodbye to freedom.

  2. So you child goes to school and talks about an up coming hunting trip with his/her dad and somebody overhears and misunderstands= cops called 4AM the door gets kicked in the families dog is shot and the family is rounded up cuffed and sat in one place while men are pointing guns at them and tearing the house apart looking guns, ammo, and bomb making materials. All the while they leave the knives in the kitchen and the chainsaw and gasoline in the garage right next the families car, all potential weapons of mass murder!
    Think it won’t happen? think again it already has! We’ve had mental health laws for decades that could work in cases like this and do a better job of actually getting someone off the street AND get them the help they need.
    If they really wanted to stop shootings TAKE THE PERSON! Not the guns, guns are just an inanimate object and are not capable of doing anything on there own! I can’t believe we keep electing such a group of dumb asses!

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