Tannerite bill A-4452/S-1456

In the end of session follies I missed this bill slipping through. The Post-Journal reports, “State Looks To Limit Sale, Use Of Tannerite“:

“Legislation passed by the state Assembly on the final day of the legislative session would make it illegal to buy tannerite in New York state without a certificate required to buy other explosives. Those in violation of the state law could face a class E felony charge or up to $2,500 in fines … No one under the age of 18 would be able to buy tannerite or be eligible to obtain the state-required certification to sell the substance. Anyone who wants to sell tannerite would have to apply to the state Labor Department for a certificate to sell it and pay a $50 fee. The certificate would be good for at least a year …”

The bill in question is A-4452/S-1456.

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