“Undetectable” firearms bill amended

Fresh off yesterday’s remarks by Sen. Gianaris that their work is not done, comes this report by Nick Reisman:

“… now lawmakers want to go further, including the passage of stalled ban on 3-D printed guns and funding for gun violence research efforts … Lawmakers had previously considered a bill that would ban guns manufactured by a 3-D printer. But the bill was pulled after some raised concerns over the language in the measure being overly broad …”

Sure enough the Senate version of the “undetectable” firearms bill S-1414A was just amended.

Basically, an “undetectable” firearm is one that, after removing the magazines and furniture, cannot be determined to be a gun by commonly used devices at airports for security.

I’m sure they will sync up the companion A-763 shortly.

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  1. hard shell Says:

    As per the current performance standards, any protection not at par with NIJ or level III A specifications means putting the life of personnel and others in danger.

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