S-2280, unlawful possession by persons under 21

Senate bill S-2280 now has a companion in the Assembly, A-7460.

The bill changes current law so that, “it shall be unlawful for any person under age twenty-one to posses any rifle, shotgun, or firearm, except for those carrying a hunting license and using the gun in accordance with that license.”

Among other things, this would wipe out the NYS High School Clay Target League which currently has 70 schools participating.

3 Responses to “S-2280, unlawful possession by persons under 21”

  1. They Don’t Have to Ban Guns | Shall Not Be Questioned Says:

    […] Just pass this and wait. The shooting sports will be gone in a generation. No need to ban firearms at all. Hunting is on the decline anyway. No harm in exempting that, less the Fudds realize what you’re really doing. They aren’t passing it onto their kids anyway, so what do they care? […]

  2. Queen Cersi Says:

    Won’t do anything of the sort. It’s a stupid change to the law, but it won’t interfere with the kids.
    The law says 16 now, and all the current exclusions leave it open for competition shooting. The potential change to 21 still leaves all the exclusions.

    Not that it will get out of committee anyway. It won’t reach the floor for a vote.

  3. Dave Says:

    So nobody can enlist in the military until they turn 21?

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