NRA should sponsor this

The Brooklyn Democrat Committee will hold their annual gala on May 9th.  NRA should sponsor this event.  There are several reasons for this.

  • Right now NRA has absolutely no standing in Albany with the party.  With Democrats holding more than 2x the number of seats as the Republicans in the Assembly and nearly that many in Senate they have no ability to influence any legislation, pro or anti.  The status quo is unacceptable.
  • NRA has thrown plenty of money over the years into the party accounts of both the Republicans and Conservatives in an attempt to influence policy. Democrats are no different in how they operate.
  • NRA has plenty of members in the county and City.  As events like this are where party business gets done sponsorship would be a good and relatively cheap way of showing local politicians that NRA has members in their district.  If NRA can hold FNRA dinners in Brooklyn they can send a representative to this gala.