S-4849, stun gun regulation

A couple weeks ago a judge ruled that the state’s ban on stun guns was unconstitutional.  I wrote:

“It’s a safe bet that new restrictive legislation will be introduced in Albany shortly.”

Brad Hoylman promptly introduced S-4849 to Senate Codes.

According to the justification statement:

“… This bill would regulate the sale, possession, and use of electronic stun guns and electronic dart guns in a similar manner to New York’s current laws regulating the use of personal defense sprays. The bill would limit the possession of these weapons to possession for personal protection or the protection of property, and limit the permissible use of such weapons to self-defense … It is imperative in light of the recent court decision that New York act to impose sensible restrictions on the use of these potentially deadly weapons in order to protect our residents from harm …”

There is no Assembly companion bill (yet).

The legislature is going to do the exact same thing if/when a gun law is struck down by the courts.  They might even cut-n-paste the justification from this bill.

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