First bills to watch

The state legislature begins their regular session on Monday.  In addition to the bills Governor Cuomo said he wanted passed there are others which I believe the legislature will take up.

Here is the list of ones that need to be watched:

  • A-425, “Children’s Weapon Accident Prevention Act”, mandatory firearms storage
  • A-451, relates to a ban on undetectable firearms, receivers and magazines
  • A-503, “Nicholas’s law”, mandatory firearms storage
  • A-506, mandatory firearms storage
  • A-763, establishes certain crimes relating to the criminal manufacture or possession of an undetectable firearm
  • A-773, relates to the criminal possession of a firearm or magazine digitally made
  • S-101, limits educational institutions ability to authorize the possession of a weapon on school grounds
  • S-1083, creates the “New York State Firearm Violence Research Institute”

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