Katko’s ‘red flag’ bill revisited

Rep. Katko did introduce his “red flag” bill last Friday.  I didn’t see it online yesterday.  Bill number is H.R.6747.

According to this write-up:

“… Katko’s bill is different in that it would allow states to intervene through the creation of a more detailed process for doing so that involves a hearing and requires Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO). It says the state may only deprive a person of a right to possess firearms after a hearing where the person has notice and is given an opportunity to participate. The hearing must include a finding of dangerousness by a neutral decision-maker. It would also limit any prohibition on an ex parte, or emergency hearing, order to purchasing or receiving a firearm. Further, the ERPO would expire in one year and require the same procedure to renew the mandate. It also provides a mechanism to return guns expeditiously when the order expires or is terminated …”

This is still crap.

Never, ever, ever accept the premise put forth by gun control advocates on anything.

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