Gun owners react to Cuomo’s lawsuit with NRA

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6 thoughts on “Gun owners react to Cuomo’s lawsuit with NRA

  1. Big NYS problem is gunners don’t vote pro-gun. The statistics show it. Half the people wailing & grinding teeth at my gun club didn’t vote last election or voted Dem.

    Maybe Prinz Andy throwing down on NRA will do something to motivate NYS gunners.

  2. The single biggest mistake NRA makes is assuming they cannot have a professional relationship with NY Democrats. They easily have tens of thousands of Democrat members in the state. NRA will not accomplish anything in the state until they choose to represent them.

  3. Jacob, with all due respect, I no longer see what conversation we could possibly have with any Democrat?

  4. Democrat leadership makes decisions based upon who puts money and effort into their campaigns. NRA does not do anything for them so they don’t care. I have had elected Democrats come right out and say this. That is the reason we have gun control in NY.

    And I don’t mean trying to bribe politicians. NRA could simply tell members to vote against Cuomo and James in their respective primaries next month. Democrats would then look at NRA as their constituency. Back when Richard Aborn was running for Manhattan DA I did a GOTV effort against him. That got me a call from Cy Vance’s campaign asking about an endorsement with the pitch being, he’s not pro-gun, but better than Aborn. Same thing would happen with the NRA if they went after Cuomo and James, maybe not in those races, but others.

  5. When I was first told this was the problem I didn’t believe it. Then Silver’s office started calling me. The reason the junior hunting bill passed years ago was because I made sure Assembly Democrats who supported us were acknowledged. About a month before it came up his office called me asking for a copy of our agenda. The staffer then came right out and asked for the list of endorsements saying “that would be very helpful.”

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