Reason to get involved

Following up to yesterday’s post is this story also from the Daily News:

“… Marcus Molinaro, the Duchess County executive running for governor, and GOP attorney general candidate Keith Wofford will each report Monday having raised more than $1 million, their representatives say … Meanwhile, the $1 million raised by Wofford, who got into the race in late May, could go further given he is running for an open position … Sources close to the corporate lawyer say about $700,000 of the money he has raised so far came over the past week as the filing deadline approached …”

This is even more reason for NRA to get involved in the Democrat A.G. primary.

Wofford is flying totally under the radar and I know nothing about him, but the fact he was able to make a respectable haul means the campaign can make a solid effort to win.  Forcing Democrat pack leader Letitia James to spend money in primary means she will have less for the general election.  Given that she has a history of being a gun control advocate weakening her campaign would be a plus for 2A.

One Response to “Reason to get involved”

  1. Chas No Says:

    This is your governor – an ugly cross between incompetence and corruption:
    Why does Andy still have a job?

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