Newsday reports:

“As the race for governor accelerates, Republican nominee Marc Molinaro says the campaign of Democratic Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo is trying falsely to define him as an ultraconservative out of step with most New Yorkers on social issues … The Cuomo campaign routinely refers to Molinaro as “Trump mini-me . . . who has an ‘A’ rating from the NRA …” … He defends the right of the National Rifle Association to be included in discussion of gun control and school safety. But he refuses to take campaign contributions from the NRA …”

There are roughly 250,000 NRA members in New York.

A candidate who does not have a personal interest in firearms and has little to no firsthand experience with them isn’t a problem.  A candidate who does not want to make guns a priority issue during the campaign isn’t a problem.  A candidate who does not want to accept special interest donations isn’t a problem.

This is a problem.  A lot of people are going to look at this as an insult as it singles out the NRA.

5 Responses to “Problem”

  1. George Says:

    I would normally say that his position and lukewarm support of our gun rights will not motivate gun owners to vote to start off with and not to vote for him but this is NY and it seems that most of the gun owners don’t vote anyway no matter who is running. (See the vote 4 years ago.)

  2. admin Says:

    “Upstate” accounts for 49% of the vote. I believe the issue is that most gun owners do not vote based upon the gun issue.

  3. Em Says:

    Here in down state Long Island, I have found (anecdotally), that there are almost NO gun people. Even hard core conservatives here are not gun people. They don’t own a gun, don’t understand the issues….. I believe our only hope ever, in a place like NY, is a major victory in SCOTUS. But even that (Heller, etc) seems to have no force. The left just marches on and lower courts outright defy it. Almost hopless.

  4. Em Says:

    If President Trump gets 8 years with a Rep. congress, maybe he can bring the courts back to rule of law. With changing demographics, the awesome power of the deep state left…, that may be a long shot. I am not that hopeful (and am disappointed to hear that the great Mark Levin seems to share that sentiment).

  5. Em Says:

    BTW, we do not yet have SCOTUS. Even with a good replacement for Kennedy, I’m not sure Roberts will come down on our side. He sure doesn’t want a gun case cuz he doesn’t want to look stupid reversing his own ruling. If another case gets up there now, what will he do? Who knows.

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