The fall of Schneiderman

State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has resigned from office after allegations he’s into some kinky stuff.

One of the more interesting revelations was his mocking gun control advocates:

“… Manning Barish says that Schneiderman often mocked her political activism. When she told him of her plan to attend an anti-gun demonstration with various political figures and a group of parents from Sandy Hook Elementary School, he dismissed the effort, calling the demonstrators “losers.” …”

When Schnedierman was in the Senate he was the primary advocate for gun control so this statement may seem to be a bit odd.  When he took over as A.G. that changed significantly and I think I know why.

One of my friends worked for the A.G.’s office and after Schneiderman was elected Mark got on his case about guns.  After browbeating him about it, and giving him homemade oat bread, Scheinderman agreed to go shooting with Mark.  I believe his only previous experience with guns was limited shooting of a .22 rifle years before.  Mark let him shoot his long guns but told him he could not let him touch his handgun even on the range for instruction.  Schneiderman responded that was stupid.  He legitimately did not know what existing state law was.  I believe this was when the light went on in his head and he realized gun control advocates were full of shit.  During his time as A.G. Schneiderman largely gave up on gun control, even microstamping, which he championed in the legislature.

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6 thoughts on “The fall of Schneiderman

  1. I had heard he visited gun shops regularly and wanted to know more about ARs. I wonder!

  2. I don’t know if he went to gun shops, but he did go to a bunch of gun shows touting his model dealer regulations which from a political standpoint were a nothingburger as everybody was already doing it.

  3. Here’s your Schneiderman:
    As is said by Gilbert:
    “If you want to win a vote, scratch a bigot’s itch.”
    We gun owners have been bigoted against for ages, by those who vote in the legislature, against us. When will the bigotry against us end? When will the state of New York respect our rights as Americans?

  4. Oh, and as I neglected to ask, as I’m not quite sure, which of the three is Senator Gillibrand? The sister, the cousin, or the aunt?

  5. Oh, I left out the category of “whore” with regards to Gillibrand. An oversight on my part, and on that of Gilbert as well, back in his day. We really should have foreseen that, as it suits her so well, these days. I mean, it’s scarcely possible to get a word out of Kristen Gillibrand’s mouth these days, since it’s so full of Senator Schumer’s cock.

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