Right way and wrong way

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post, there is a right way and a wrong way to respond to a political hit.

This is the wrong way:

“… Young Republicans Chairman Marc Boissey told the Journal in a statement on Wednesday that “the appearance of one of the targets I used resembling the Democratic emblem is unfortunate, but obviously I had no ill will towards our Democratic contemporaries … If anyone was offended by the donkey target, I obviously apologize” …”


This is the right way to respond:

“Inspired by the teens from Parkland, Fla., Buffalo-area high schoolers are organizing a forum on gun violence on April 7, and they’ve already lined up Rep. Brian Higgins and two other Democratic congressional candidates to attend. But Rep. Chris Collins, a Clarence Republican and strong gun rights supporter, will not be there, his spokeswoman, Sarah Minkel, said Wednesday. ‚ÄúSadly, radical partisans have co-opted the Parkland tragedy in an effort to score cheap political points,” Minkel explained in an email …”


Publicly identify the event as a opposition political stunt, call B.S. on it, and counter-attack by calling out the radicals.

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