Better choice for Republicans

The Poughkeepsie Journal reports:

Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro hasn’t even publicly launched his campaign for governor. Behind the scenes, though, Molinaro’s maneuvering already has him within striking distance of locking up the Republican nomination to challenge Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo in the fall. The Dutchess Republican has secured about 41 percent of the weighted vote of New York’s Republican delegates in the last week, assuming they vote for who their county chairs endorsed …”

Good.  Senator John DeFrancisco’s campaign has been as bad as Brian Kolb’s.

If the Republicans are to have any chance of knocking out Cuomo their candidate needs to be a contrast to the current administration.  Molinaro has done a decent enough job as County Executive so he can run on that.  There are no major scandals in his administration to distract from real issues and he’s not eligible for AARP which is a big plus.

2 Responses to “Better choice for Republicans”

  1. Em Says:

    Very disappointed in FLA Gov. 18 to 21 seems mild compared to NY, BUT it is a useless concession to the Bolsheviks. A cave. Clearly, with ANY opportunity, they will break another piece off 2A anywhere and anyhow they can. And there is always going to be the next opportunity cuz, unfortunately, no utopia. There are “mass shootings” in Europe WITH total gun bans. GR8 that NRA defies! Send them money.

  2. admin Says:

    Of course a similar bill was introduced in New York, S-7890.

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