So, how is recertification going?

So, how is the pistol license recertification going?

Erie County:

“… Erie County officials say there’s an estimated 50,000 pistol permit holders in the county, who have yet to recertify their weapons, under the SAFE Act …”

Niagara County:

“… According to the Niagara County Clerk’s office, there are 28,000 pistol permit holders in the county whose firearms were registered more than five years ago. Those people are required to get recertified under the SAFE Act by Jan. 31, 2018 or they will lose their permits.  Clerk Joseph Jastrzemski, a Republican, said he received updated figures from the State Police this week, showing just a little more than 8,000 of his constituents have gone through the recertification process so far …”

Sullivan County:

“… Sullivan County Clerk Dan Briggs painted of picture of thousands of angry residents calling county legislators after the state demands the residents surrender their handguns because those residents missed, or were unaware of, the recertification deadline.  At a meeting at the government center on December 7, Briggs told lawmakers that as of the end of November, 2,829 residents had recertified their permits out of an estimated total of about 14,000 … What happens if they don’t? Briggs said, “Come February letters are going to be put together… informing people their privileges are lost, and they should make arrangements to surrender their guns.” Several lawmakers expressed agreement with councilperson Joe Perello who said, “They’re going to go apesh*t.” …”

It’s probably like this all over the state.

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