End of an era

The NYPD is finally retiring their service revolvers:

H/T: GunFreeZone

3 Responses to “End of an era”

  1. Em Says:

    NY police firearm policy, as all progressive policy, eminates from an accommodate the worst and dumbest base. First, revolvers were mandated DAO with a modified hammer. Then hammer autos became DAO and striker types with RIDICULOUS trigger pulls. Can we expect a cop to be able to handle a standard firearm? Is that an unreasonable expectation? This is why they fire 20 rounds and get 1 strike in the leg of the perp….

  2. Em Says:

    NO DISRESPECT INTENDED FOR THE GUYS!! I had the honor to have shot with some ESU guys who were consummate professionals as are most of those men and women who serve with great honor and bravery. Its the crony progressive policy from 1PP, NCPD…..

  3. admin Says:

    Notice S&W is off the list.

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