Primary aftermath

Most party endorsed candidates won their primaries yesterday.  A few positive results for gun owners:

  1. Michael Kearns won three minor party endorsements in his bid for Erie County Clerk.
  2. Steve McLaughlin defeated the party candidate to win the Republican nomination for Rensselaer County Executive.
  3. Phil Boyle went down in flames in the Republican primary for Suffolk County Sheriff.  Unfortunately he still keeps his job in the Senate, but his humiliation is most entertaining.

2 Responses to “Primary aftermath”

  1. Em Says:

    I previously did not vote for either candidate several times where Jack Martins was the Repub candidate (null vote). However, I will (hold my nose) and vote for him this time as Curran seems to be absolutely awful. If Maragos would have won I would null vote again, but she seems terrible.

    Your thoughts Jacob?

  2. admin Says:

    Both Martins & Curran stink. Martins voted for the SAFE Act which makes him worse.

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