John Cornyn speaks on reciprocity bill

Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn on when the reciprocity bill will be taken up in Congress:

“… “Well you know we got so much going on now it’s just it seems like there’s not much room, but my hope is later this year we can get it teed up and, of course, depending on when the House takes their version of that will help move it along, but I’m hoping sometime this year,” Cornyn said … Republicans still lack 60 votes to stop debate on any legislation and go forward to a final vote, but Cornyn thinks that voters in blue states with concealed carry could help pressure certain Democratic members to support the legislation …”

This could be problematic given that his bill S.446 has 36 sponsors with no Democrats while the House version H.R.38 has 187 sponsors only 3 of whom are Democrats.

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