Suffolk sheriff’s race

With the possibility of the Suffolk Co. Sheriff’s seat opening this fall, two state legislators have come forth in hopes of getting the GOP nomination.

First is Assemblyman Al Graf who has a law enforcement background and appears to have support from the county party.  He is an NRA member and a supportive record in the Assembly.

Next is Senator Phil Boyle who has no police background and has the backing of the county Conservative Party.  His record on guns is awful and he is shamelessly dishonest about it.  He has switched sides on the issue at least three times.  He voted for the SAFE Act then sponsored a bill to repeal it.  What he is claiming to be now I don’t know.

Incumbent Democrat Vincent DeMarco has announced his intention to run for re-election, although his name has been mentioned as a possible Trump appointment.  DeMarco signed onto the New York State Sheriffs’ Association amicus brief calling for the courts to overturn the SAFE Act.

With no clear way of getting rid of Boyle, the next best thing would be to make him look stupid by voting against him in a R or C primary.  If he gets past that, vote for DeMarco or whomever his Democrat opponent is in the general.

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