Nassau candidates picking up endorsements

The Long Island Herald has a story on Democrat candidates for County Executive picking up endorsements:

“… Assemblyman Charles Lavine, of Glen Cove, also announced his endorsement by a number of state Democratic leaders and progressive activists, including … former New York Assembly members Michelle Schimel and Harvey Weisenberg …”

Schimel was easily the worst elected official on guns in the state legislature.

Weisenberg was not quite as bad in terms of his voting record, but exceeded Schimel in sheer hypocrisy.  He would routinely speak on the floor in support of the mandatory firearms storage bill saying it wasn’t gun control, but gun safety.  What made this so outrageous is that Weisenberg negligently shot and killed a kid decades before.

For the Democrat primary, Lavine is the worst followed by Legislator Laura Curran.  That leaves County Comptroller George Maragos as the best choice by default.

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