He better follow through

Trump better follow through on his promise to nominate candidates like Scalia for SCOTUS because the 9th Circuit Court just issued a ruling that a 10-day waiting period to purchase a firearm is constitutional.

The real idiocy about this is that is applies to people who already own guns.

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2 thoughts on “He better follow through

  1. Sloppy scrutiny vs. strict scrutiny. Our constitutional rights as Americans are nothing to the ninth circuit. Justice or blood. Their choice, and they have chosen. Let’s just sit back, eat popcorn, and see how this plays out, once Trump appoints the next Supreme Court Justice. I’m down with Cruz. Justice Thomas could use some help to get the job done. Freedom needs all the help it can get, because it’s always under siege. Can you imagine that hearty handshake, when Cruz arrives to relieve the besieged Thomas? Looking forward to it.

  2. Its just a joke. People who already own multiple guns must still wait? I did not and will not read thru this decision as there can be no rational justification at all. Even with “balancing”, even under the lowest “rational scrutiny”, what “public safety interest” could possibly be served? It is a mathematical / logical impossibility. And this is an appellate court that is over ruling a rational lower court. It is mind numbing! There IS NO ANTI 2A LAW THAT THEY WILL NOT UPHOLD.!.! This is a flat out summary rejection of 2A and the Heller precedent. That asshole, Skretney, that we went to, at one pt in his opinion just said (paraphrase) “if the legislature wants this, they know best and who am I to say they cant.”

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