Schneiderman goes shooting

Eric Schneiderman goes to the range (center, David Valesky at right.)

From the press release:

“… “The Senate Codes Committee deals with law enforcement and criminal justice related legislation, which impact communities and constituents across Central New York,” said Senator Valesky, Vice President Pro-Tempore of the Senate. “I wanted to bring Senator Schneiderman here so people had the chance to speak to him about issues like anti-gang violence programs, illegal gun trafficking and also responsible gun ownership, and share their unique Central Upstate New York perspective.” …”

I don’t think Eric cares about the unique CNY perspective.

“… “I want to thank Senator Valesky for giving me the opportunity to engage in a productive dialogue with the people of Central New York on criminal justice issues. All stakeholders in this conversation – sportsmen and women, law enforcement officials and anti-illegal gun advocates — must have a seat at the table,” said Senator Schneiderman …”

All stakeholders?  Then why didn’t anyone from the R&P or NRA get an invitation?

“… “I am confident that more discussions like these will illuminate the areas where we can all find common ground, while promoting greater appreciation of the different public safety concerns of communities across the state.” …”

It’s far more likely that you’re hoping you can convince the Fudds to go along with your gun control schemes just like Pataki did in 2000 with his semi-auto ban.

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