Not a SAFE bet

In the latest dump of hacked e-mails from the Clinton campaign, we find no love for the SAFE Act:

“Hillary Clinton’s staff prevented her from turning on the praise for Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s SAFE Act when the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence honored her at a dinner last year and Cuomo was one of her invited guests. The Clinton staff’s concerns are laid out in one of the hacked campaign emails available on Wikileaks … Clinton’s point person on gun policy, Corey Corciari, agreed with the need to tread lightly on the SAFE Act … “Don’t see a need to fully embrace the SAFE Act. There are some controversial items in there,” Corciari said, without being specific. “We can highlight the pieces that fit within our agenda.” …”

This revelation isn’t a surprise.  Democrats have long known that gun control is a stinker, especially Bill Clinton. It just brings up the question again as to why Cuomo went full retard on the issue. He had to have known, like Hillary’s staff did, that it would be bad for his presidential ambitions. I have never been able to find a concrete answer as to why he did it. The late Bill Nojay told me he heard 6-7 different reasons as to Cuomo’s motivation. My theory has been that Bloomberg sold him on the idea, not caring about Cuomo’s political ambitions, and some members of the legislature went along with it as payback knowing it would blow up in Cuomo’s face which it did.

The Clinton campaign hasn’t commented on the leaks and I don’t expect them to. It will be interesting if any of the gun control groups do as it shows their political impotence.

One thought on “Not a SAFE bet

  1. “…why Cuomo went full retard on the issue.”

    He’s nuts. We have a kook running our state. That is his nature, it is who he is, and he will not change, as character does not change.

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