Watch this stuff

There are rumblings of discontent on Long Island.  See:

The Long Island RINOs are the ones responsible for the Pataki/Cuomo gun control schemes.  If they’re getting pressure back home over their Leftward tilt, hopefully it will keep them from cutting any more backroom deals.

2 Responses to “Watch this stuff”

  1. Em Says:

    So what does this mean? A Rep / Cons split that causes Dems to win and us to lose the senate? Isnt that how SAFE was passed? Is this a dirty deal between all of them?

  2. admin Says:

    SAFE passed because Dean Skelos caved to Cuomo. When Senate control was split between the GOP and IDC, the deal was that either Dean Skelos or Jeff Klein could block a bill from being voted on. Skelos refused to do that with SAFE.

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