Chuck’s not going anywhere

Chuck Schumer has been nominated to run for a 4th term in the Senate.

It looks as if the Republicans will put up Wendy Long again, who ran unsuccessfully in ’12 against Kirsten Gillibrand.

Might as well write this race off right now: Schumer will roll over Long or anyone else 2-1.


Because Chuck Schumer is simply the best politician out there, period.  He is always doing something.  He sponsors all sorts of legislation.  He constantly talks to the media.  He visits every county in the state.  He takes credit for everything, even things he did not do.  The man is a machine.

Sure, a lot of the things Chuck has done aren’t good and he does not always follow through with his pronouncements, but that is not the point.  He is a master manipulator and has total command of his public image.  He makes people believe they have a personal connection with him and that he is personally working for them.  As long as he keeps that up there’s no getting rid of him.

One thought on “Chuck’s not going anywhere

  1. As vicious anti-gunners who rose from the House of Representatives go, we have a model for the downfall of Schumer. Blagojevich. Now, Schumer hasn’t yet become governor, as Blago did, and he certainly hasn’t been sentenced to 14 years in prison, as Blago has, but the hubris is there for both of them, so, perhaps it’s just a matter of time? One can hope.

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