Nobody was paying attention to him anyway

A few days ago Governor Cuomo called for a government shutdown unless Congress passed more gun control.

He’s backpeddling now:

“… “I didn’t call for a government shutdown,’’ Cuomo said Monday on WNYC, a New York City radio station …”

The internet says he did:

“Gov. Cuomo, speaking at the funeral of his murdered aide Saturday, urged Washington Democrats to shut down the government until they get a gun control bill that works …”

Cuomo is forced to retreat as nobody was paying any attention to him.

One thought on “Nobody was paying attention to him anyway

  1. If the Repubics cave to the current pressure, and I fear they might, they must be made to understand that it would probably mean the end of the (maintream) Republican Party as we know it. They survived here in NY, but that is NY, not America. NRA must respond to the pressure with overwhelming force. Try and write to our supporters in America (nobody to write to in NY) and keep up our pressure on them cause they are comming after us like never before. Our Fidel, in the oval office is “frustrated”. OMG we can’t have that! LOL, lets frustrate him some more.

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