Hillary’s decline

Hillary Clinton’s continued decline has pundits openly talking about her not getting the Democrat nomination for president next year.  John Podhoretz’s op-ed at the Post says they have no choice to go with her as they have nobody else ready to step up and take her place.

For all her problems, the e-mail scandal, her habitual lying and the strong personal dislike people have for her, Hillary’s number one problem is that there is absolutely no grassroots enthusiasm for her campaign.  Zero.  There’s isn’t even any astroturf.  It’s all her professional political machine.

As with Bob Dole and John McCain, Hillary believes she is entitled to the nomination, that it is her turn to get it.  There is no talk of her merits, issues or what is best for the party.  This is what sunk Dole and McCain and what will sink her campaign as well.

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