They never learn

I have seen this many times before:

“… “Every time a Democrat starts talking about guns, they lose numbers because it is the Second Amendment,” said Dave “Mudcat” Saunders, a Democratic strategist and lifelong gun owner. “How many gun owners are there in America now? Look it up. There is a bunch of them, and anytime you start talking about guns, you are going to take from your numbers. So there is just less talk [about gun control] now than there has been in forever.” …”

The problem here is that while Democrats aren’t talking about gun control, that does not mean they have given up on the idea.

“… Gun control groups, powered by potentially tens of millions of dollars from former New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, vow to press the issue and force candidates to take a stand …”

Who was the last Democrat to listen to Bloomberg?  Governor Cuomo.  The result of him listening to Bloomberg effectively ended his presidential aspirations.

Will Hillary (and others) learn from this?  I wouldn’t count on it.

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