The fix is in

More evidence of deal between the Senate Republicans and Gov. Cuomo:

“… Sen. George Latimer’s GOP opponent is still not decided.  But Republicans have submitted petitions for a potential candidate: Jean Maisano, director of public relations at The Guidance Center of Westchester … Asked whether she was planning on challenging Latimer, Jean Maisano paused for eight seconds. “I haven’t made a decision on that,” she said … When asked whether she was a placeholder on the ballot until the GOP could find a Latimer opponent, Maisano returned to her statement: “Like I said, I’m happy to help ensure that the seat will be contested this year.” …”

You’re a placeholder.

“… The Latimer/Cohen race in 2012 was one of the nastiest in the state, with Democrats characterizing Cohen as a New York City slumlord and an anonymous group hammering Latimer with a series of mailers and advertisements …”

Cohen lost by like less than 1%.  Don’t tell me this wouldn’t be a competitive race again if the GOP put up a candidate.  The question is why haven’t they?  Surely there is some local councilman or supervisor interested in moving up the political food chain.

“… Privately, Senate Democrats have been preparing for a similarly bruising battle as they attempt to keep the seat in 2014 …”

I don’t believe that.  A serious contender would have been preparing to run 6-12 months ago, building momentum and money.  That hasn’t happened.  Anyone who jumps in now would be little more than paper candidate.

The way I see it, there is one of two possible reasons the GOP isn’t contesting this seat:

  1. Westchester Republicans are morons (not out of the question).
  2. There’s a backroom deal with Democrats and/or Cuomo to keep Latimer in office.

I’m going with #2 as being more probable.

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