According Ted, SAFE is working

According to Senator Ted O’Brien, the SAFE Act is working:

“… on the SAFE Act gun control law, O’Brien said there may be aspects that could be improved, but most of its provisions are reasonable.  “I personally think the SAFE Act is working,” O’Brien said …”

Ok.  Then campaign on it.

He is up against a well-known opponent Rich Funke and is one of the more vulnerable Democrats in the Senate.  If O’Brien really believes this then he ought to make it a signature issue in his re-election campaign.

Prediction: because he is a hunter, he tries Fudd pandering saying SAFE doesn’t affect “sportsmen.”

30 thoughts on “According Ted, SAFE is working

  1. Hmmmmm…..let’s see. The Safeact makes otherwise law-abiding citizens….well…..abide by even more laws. Just keep slapping yourselves on the back for this flawed piece of crap created by people who couldn’t pour p_ss out of a boot if the directions were written on the heel. F-cking brilliant…..

  2. Same man whose staff repeated “The ends justify the means”. His tactics when running for office were typical political ooze & he is not worthy for another term.

  3. This unSAFE law is written to convict innocent People who have done nothing wrong So who does that leave left in New York? The victims of this unconstitutional law are now criminals. Criminals are now the victims. Welcome to the “New’ New York. Emperor Andrew Cuomo

  4. we do not have to obey an unconstitutional law even if you did pass it ! So dumb ass come and take them if you can. you really have no idea what is about to happen in new York. Don’t push any more Mr Dumb Ass

  5. Working? Yea, it’s working. It has driven the cost of ammo up because I can no longer get the best deal on-line shipped to me. No FFL that sells ammo in my area will take a shipment for me when I can be forced to buy from them. It’s cost law abiding people money because they had to modify some semi auto weapons to make them comply with the law.

    Yea, run for office and let those voters know how ignorant you are by saying SAFE has worked to protect them yet the criminal still has his weapons and we are loosing ours.

  6. Yea Ted, please campaign on this issue. Rich Funke already has this families vote! Maybe if you listened to your constituents, and addressed their concerns, you might of had a chance at re-election time. But, you chose party line politics, and this time, you will lose, and you won’t be coming back !!! Bye bye Ted !!!

  7. It’s working really- From what I can see their are now a million new felons on the street, since they didn’t register their scary modern sporting rifles. The law is a joke, and so is Cuomo.

  8. I personally think the safe act is working?? Ok. I personally think you are a complete ASSHOLE. Christ almighty did someone really elect this jerk into office?? Someone please tell me I’m in bizzaro world

  9. Ted Obrien is an ass gasket for the democratic party in Monroe county. I feel no need to mince words or take the high road any longer. After a lifetime of having politicians stick me it’s way past time firearms owners get off their duffs and vote one line…2nd amendment only.

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