Media finally admits Cuomo has problems

A major media outlet has finally acknowledged what I’ve been saying for some time, Democrats do not like Gov. Cuomo:

“After his worst week in office since becoming governor, Andrew Cuomo is now viewed for the first time by important Democrats as potentially vulnerable to Republican challenger Rob Astorino, The Post has learned … Several Democratic strategists said Cuomo’s eroding support among politically powerful New York City-based unions, including those behind the influential Working Families Party, all but assures an unusually low turnout among the city’s heavily Democratic voters, normally the foundation for a statewide Democratic victory.  At the same time, they expect Astorino, the popular and recently re-elected Westchester County executive, to do well, offsetting Democratic votes in his large suburban county, and his message of property-tax and spending cuts, educational reforms and economic development to appeal to suburban voters on Long Island as well …”

They left out how many people Andy pissed off with the SAFE Act.

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33 thoughts on “Media finally admits Cuomo has problems

  1. This means, vote. Get your friends to register and your friends friends to register and then get them to the polls. You would be amazed how many people don’t vote and aren’t even registered.

  2. 50 plus 1. That is an old adage amongst political types. It is what you need to win . 50% plus 1. Get involved to get out the pro gun/pro liberty vote. Then the other side can do the griping.

  3. as the BLM incident over the weekend has shown. unpopular government pressure is not without consequence. let’s all hope that there is a huge upstate voter turnout this fall

  4. I am not sure even he realizes it but after the next election you will never hear his name again… He is finished in politics… Anthony Weiner has a better shot at being elected…

  5. I’ve seen politicians commit political suicide but he really did himself in by enacting the very unconstitutional SAFE act. Put a fork in him cause he’s done.

  6. I’m moving back to New York for 15 reasons. One of them is to ensure the NY Safe act is completely repealed, after being publicly neutered, de-fanged, de-clawed and muzzled. This will include my time in the ballot box

  7. Showing these politicians that new gun legislation will cost them there jobs is the way to win. We have more then enough gun owners in this state to vote cuomo out.

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