Pataki jerks off the media

G. Elmer makes noise about a possible presidential bid in ’16:

“Former NY Governor George Pataki is privately gearing up for a 2016 presidential run, according to sources, and was spotted meeting GOP kingmaker David Koch last week … sources tell us now that summer is over, Pataki is getting serious, and was spotted meeting with Koch at the Four Seasons restaurant last Wednesday …”

This is total bullshit. Absolutely nobody is clamoring for the second coming of Pataki.

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Internal polls

I have been informed that internal polls show Rob Astorino within 10 points of Governor Cuomo.  That is pretty much what I figured and explains why both candidates have been acting the way they have been.

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Like I said

The NRA agrees with me:

“Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s gun control group is backing candidates in dozens of contests in the midterm elections – but very few of them are in close races, The Washington Times reports.   The list of safe endorsements by Bloomberg’s group, Everytown for Gun Safety, has immediately come under fire from the National Rifle Association.   “It appears as though [Bloomberg] is trying to buy himself some headlines by investing in only safe races,” said NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam …”

That’s why I said a couple of days ago.

“… The newspaper also noted that more than half of the House candidates Bloomberg’s group endorsed are in districts where Democrats expect easy victories, suggesting that the group has had problems identifying candidates in tough contests who might reap the rewards of its financial endorsements …”

That’s pathetic.  I assume Bloomberg has shelled out big bucks to political consultants to identify hot races and it appears they have not delivered.  If I were Mike I’d be pissed.

“… Bloomberg spokesman Stu Loeser pointed out that only a chunk of the $50 million in Everyday funds will go to campaigns, while the rest will launch the group’s national educational and advocacy programs, as well as in-state gun control programs …”

Big deal.  He’s done this a bunch of times before and gotten nothing to show for it.

“… Loeser said the former Republican mayor is planning to make more personal expenditures to candidates as well as further contributions to campaigns …”

But to whom?  Incumbents costing towards easy victories?  He’s not going to get much out of that strategy.

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Maffei’s mud slinging

Rep. Dan Maffei’s ad is even sleazier than the one Gov. Cuomo’s campaign is running against Rob Astorino accusing him of corruption.

The Post-Standard tells the whole story:

“… [John] Katko, a former organized crime prosecutor for the U.S. Attorney’s office in Syracuse, had been issued a .40-caliber Glock automatic pistol by the federal government after authorities received credible threats against his life. The loaded pistol was stolen after Katko left it in a canvas bag under the seat of his truck while visiting St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Syracuse, according to police reports. The pistol was not in a locked gun case, nor did it have a trigger lock as required by federal policies … Erin O’Connor, speaking for the Katko campaign … “Despite Mr. Maffei’s insinuations to the contrary, John’s conduct in this matter was fully investigated by the U.S. Department of Justice and no wrongdoing was found.” …”

The latest poll shows Maffei leading Katko with a large number of people not knowing who Katko is.

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Antis endorse Rice

Newsday reports:

“Democratic Congressional candidate Kathleen Rice received the endorsement of two anti-gun violence advocacy groups Wednesday — including Every Town for Gun Safety, a group launched by former New York City Mayor Michael BloombergNew Yorkers Against Gun Violence Executive Director Leah Gunn Barrett was also on hand to announce the group’s support of Rice …”

Big deal.  The Nassau GOP wrote this seat off long ago.  This is a public relations stunt by the antis where they can claim an easy win and help disguise their astroturf.

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SAFE and Skelos dominate debate

SAFE and Dean Skelos were hot topics in yesterday’s SD-46 candidate debate:

State Senator Cecilia Tkaczyk and her Republican Senate challenger George Amedore traded insults and blame over the locally unpopular SAFE Act and public ethics during an hourlong debate at the historic Proctor’s Theater Tuesday night …”

This isn’t what Governor Cuomo wants to hear.  SAFE is a hot issue all over the state despite media pundits trying to downplay it.

“… “I support the Second Amendment and people’s rights to bear arms—I do not support how this process was voted on,” Tkaczyk said. “I think there are some good things in the SAFE Act, like universal background checks, that provide protection for people to protect themselves from gun violence … “[But] it’s also important to acknowledge that there are things that should be changed.  You should be able to put 10 bullets in your 10-clip magazine.  I support the aspects of the SAFE Act that should stay, but I’m open to reform,” she said …”

Has she introduced “reform” legislation?  No.

“… Amedore, a former assemblyman (and, very briefly, state senator), called the law “a complete infringement on our constitution and our freedom, our Second Amendment.” …  “The bill was flawed,” he continued. “The bill was unconstitutional … Take the politics out of it, the knee-jerk reaction, and let’s do it so that we’re not infringing on our Second Amendment rights.” …”

Knee-jerk reactions are what Albany does best.

“… In her rebuttal, Tkaczyk pointed to Republican conference leader Dean Skelos, who represents Long Island, as the reason the bill passed … “In fact, your mentor, Dean Skelos, who is leader of the Republican party in the Senate, negotiated it, brought it to the floor and voted for it,” she said, to thunderous applause. “The Republican Senate put it on the floor, not me.” …”

Credit where credit is due, she is exactly right.  Skelos made no effort to stop it or even slow the process down.  Republicans own SAFE as much as Cuomo.

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Bloomberg group endorses Cuomo

Bloomberg is back with yet another astroturfing effort:

“The gun-control group started this year by former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is making its first significant political investments of the midterms — announcing endorsements in more than 100 federal and state contests and launching television commercials in two states … Nearly a third of Everytown’s targets are in state races, including places such as Colorado and Delaware where legislators have passed stricter gun-control laws in recent years.  Seven Democrats running for governor also won the group’s backing … Andrew Cuomo of New York … “

If this is such a big deal then why haven’t I seen a press release from Cuomo’s campaign committee touting this endorsement?  Not only hasn’t there been one, Andrew is keeping his entire re-election campaign as low profile as possible.  That isn’t a sign of leadership or confidence.

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Grisanti admits SAFE hurt him

Senator Mark Grisanti who lost the GOP primary last week admits to the Buffalo News that his SAFE vote hurt him:

“… He acknowledged his vote in favor of the SAFE Act, Cuomo’s strict gun-control law, could have been a factor this year, especially with his district now encompassing more suburban territory.  But he said he will continue to make the case that his vote for the bill resulted only from his efforts to strip it of some of its more “obtrusive measures.” …”


Now that he’s lost major party backing is he going to get the hint and away?  No.

“… Grisanti said Tuesday he will wage an active campaign on the Independence line for the 60th District seat this fall following his defeat last week in the Republican primary.  Grisanti’s campaign looms as a decidedly underdog effort, since victories for such a major office on a minor-party line are rare … “Since last Tuesday, I’ve had a lot of emails and texts from people who say they want the opportunity to vote for me in November,” Grisanti said …”


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NRA mailing for Chris Gibson

ILA has done a mailing on behalf of Chris Gibson.

The latest poll shows Gibson has a huge lead over carpetbagger Sean Eldridge.

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