Cuomo scared to call for special elections

Op-ed from today’s Schenectady Gazette, “Cuomo should call special elections“:

“We’re told we live in a representative democracy.  But that requires political representation, and right now more than 1.8 million New Yorkers, in 11 different legislative districts, don’t have any.  For this they can thank Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who has sole discretion to call special elections and shows no inclination to do so … Cuomo hasn’t given any real explanation for not calling special elections … He probably doesn’t want 11 different campaigns that may include criticism of his policies and programs; or controversial actions such as the SAFE Act; or controversial statements such as those regarding “extreme conservatives.” …”

And yet we are repeatedly reminded by media pundits, primarily those from NYC, that there is widespread public support for SAFE.  If that is the case then it should be a non-issue and the Governor has no reason to hold up calling for special elections.

21 thoughts on “Cuomo scared to call for special elections

  1. Oust the dictator! He made a miscalculation because he thinks gun owners are apathetic. Prove him wrong…vote against him with all your family and friends.

  2. My State Senator hasn’t taken a side on this all important issue. Smells like he could turn either way when push comes to shove. You just can’t trust any of these elected Jerks.

  3. Problem here is Cuomo and the sitting libtards involved all think NY is the 5 boroughs and Westchester/Nassau counties and disregard the rest of the state. The time has come to make our voices heard and it starts before primary elections. We must be LOUD about our convictions.

  4. Cuomo thinks that down state will keep him in office, wrong, we all need to get together and vote him OUT. Take your friends and family with you too !

  5. the largest legal uprising in the history of NY State. 83.9% of New York County governments passed legislation, 225 towns and villages and 19 Law enforcement agencies oppose the safe act and yet who is supporting it?

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