Yes, and …. ?

NY GOP party chief Ed Cox speaks:

Yes Ed, and you are going to do what with this? It is my understanding that you have no interest in making guns an issue in next years gubernatorial election because you think you’ve already got the gun vote locked up.

15 thoughts on “Yes, and …. ?

  1. Tell Ed Cox, “He Must” drill all Democrats and Republicans who voted to pass the NYSAFE Act in the upcoming election cycle, 24 hrs a day, every damn day. Don’t play games Ed,

  2. Not much difference between the GOP and the Democrats anymore. Cox should make no such assumptions. If he isn’t troubled by the low voter turnout numbers of recent years, he is dumber than I thought.

  3. Its a travesty that We, the People of UPSTATE NY, are dictated to from On High by folks who couldn’t find us on a map if there life depended on it. UpState NY needs to be the 51st state of West NY. Excise the cancer thats killing this great state!

  4. The CITY is even worse. Back in 1968 the gun owners shut up and TOOK it (when they had better numbers than now) and LET them create the NYPD Shotgun-Rifle Division and THEN this unelected and unaccountable bunch of DWEEBS just keeps spitting out more and more regulations that serve only to TORMENT legal gun owners while doing absolutely NOTHING to address crime.

  5. The Chairman has NO IDEA how Upstate really feels about our betrayal at the hands of Dean Skelos. The Senate voted *43 to 18* for the SAFE Act; there are 31 Republican senators. SO. Skelos actively twisted some arms to vote for this disaster.
    Spend some real time with Upstaters, Mr. Cox. You would be well advised to start thinking, and talking, like Senator Greg Ball. PAY ATTENTION!

  6. Well Ed, you do not decide what will and will not be an issue for me, and I hope to tell you that we DO have a major fucking problem with what was done by your people to 2A in NY. You threw the fundamentalist Christians under the bus with gay marriage, and that cost you the senate and it cost us 2A in NY. Basically, your concept is that the core of the party has no place else to go, and so your position is fuck us. Well, fuck you Ed. I do not believe that we have anything much left to lose, and I will not be voting for Jack Martins in 2014. So you better hope that there are enough commies in Great Neck and Port Wash that like him. I am also sending NO more money to the NY Repubs which I made clear last tellamarketing call – hope they passed on my message to you. The commies / Obama people do nothing but embrace their core, and you know what Ed, they are (as Mr. Sheen would say) — WINNING!

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